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Forbes: Avoiding IT Consumerization Pitfalls

Forbes’ article starts with the strap line “I want my iPad” and relates to something I’ve experienced first-hand. When the iPhone 3 was released I noted a marked increase in the number of IBM colleagues coming to me and asking …


Lotus Notes Traveler meets Android

Slightly old news as Ed Brill has already blogged it, and Traveler Product Manager Jan Kenney has also provided a detailed write-up. So what more value can I add?

Late this morning a member of the IBM UK …


Lotus Notes Traveler on the iPad

It’s a busy week for announcements in Lotus-land, but that tends to happen around the time of DNUG (which is this week, so there you go). Already this week Stuart McIntyre blogged about the new version of Lotus Quickr 8.5


It’s just a big iPod touch

The Apple iPad… it’ll never catch on. But we (i.e. the IBM Lotus team in the UK) decided to see what all the fuss is about – and kudos to my manager Sian, she set out to acquire one for …


Lotus Notes Traveler on the Nokia E72

The fact that IBM Lotus Notes Traveler (to give it it’s full name) is available on a wide variety of devices is old news. Traveler is now supported on the Apple iPhone, even though I don’t think that device will …


Why Traveler on Symbian is important

I should give it its proper branded name… IBM Lotus Notes Traveler. There you go, that keeps the brand police happy. As you know, IBM Lotus are the software brand that gives you choice. You can use a BlackBerry, …