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I do solemnly declare that I am employed by Microsoft Corporation but the thoughts and opinions on this here blog are mine and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Microsoft.

I regret to inform you that I cannot offer technical support for Microsoft products, so please don’t ask as the words “piss off” may offend.

I formerly worked for IBM / Lotus and that’s why there’s still a lot of Lotus-related content here. I still believe that Lotus Notes is a great product, just a bit misunderstood. Actually it may be dead by now. Shame… is authored and managed using WordPress. The editorial staff and researchers currently beaver away in a vast modern office complex in Camberley guarded by a very ferocious dog.

Our web site’s motto is “i sponsione quod facis experiar ad ista transferre.”

Proof-reading is often carried out by the current Mrs Adams, but only when it’s something she’s interested in and usually after the writer has published it.

Comments are generally welcomed, but comments containing links will be held for moderation. Comments from anyone who appears to be a complete twat will be deleted. Comments containing racist or offensive remarks will be forwarded to Denzel Washington’s character in The Equalizer, and then he’ll come looking for you. Comments from spammers, gangstas, vendors of viagra, organisers of Nigerian banking scams and people selling cheap Ugg boots (for some inexplicable reason) will usually be caught by the anti-spam mechanism, never to be seen.

Tea is provided by the Tetley Corporation, accompanied by a splash of skimmed milk from bovine creatures (I’ve given up the evils of sugar). The ability for me to tolerate milk in adulthood is provided by the mutated genetic single variable base LCT-13910. Remember that because it may come up in a pub quiz one day.

Nourishment is provided by Jaffa Cakes, but are they cakes or biscuits?

I hate Manchester United and hope they get relegated. That’s nothing to do with the web site, it’s just a fact.

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