Lotus Notes Traveler meets Android

Slightly old news as Ed Brill has already blogged it, and Traveler Product Manager Jan Kenney has also provided a detailed write-up. So what more value can I add?

Late this morning a member of the IBM UK Public Relations team contacted me and asked if I’d be available to speak to journalists about the announcement. Nursing a slightly sore throat wasn’t going to impede me, so the answer was yes. By lunchtime an appointment had been set for 14:30 with Dan Worth of v3.co.uk. Not long after the interview, and after I’d gone back to Dan with a couple of clarification points (thank you to Jan and also Matt Newton), the finished article was published. I think Dan paraphrased one of my thoughts rather well…

Staff often upgrade their phones far more quickly than IT budgets would allow so departments [organisations] are now more willing to let staff have their own devices if they can add an enterprise level of control.


  1. This is a good interview – well done Darren.

    I am taking part in the Android Traveler Beta and I though that Android 2.2 was required, but your article says that Android 2 or later is OK. Are you sure this is correct?


  2. Brian, that’s what it says on the press release. However, my understanding is that Android 2.2 has some updated security extensions which some organisations (like IBM) may mandate in order to meet requirements.

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