Lotus Notes Traveler on the iPad

It’s a busy week for announcements in Lotus-land, but that tends to happen around the time of DNUG (which is this week, so there you go). Already this week Stuart McIntyre blogged about the new version of Lotus Quickr 8.5, which we have available internally with IBM and is a major upgrade (and a great product). More about that another time.

The other big announcement this week is the support for IBM Lotus Notes Traveler on the iPad. This momentarily had me scratching my head, because I set up Traveler on an iPad a couple of weeks ago – it’s a great e-mail, calendar and contacts experience, and simple to get running. So what’s the announcement? It’s official support for Traveler on the iPad, and also for the Traveler Companion which manages encrypted e-mail.

In time other applications will be supported… LotusLive Meetings and SnappFiles for Quickr. Both of these work fine on an iPad today, they’re just not supported yet. And I’m sure there’ll be more iPad applications to come.


  1. I had traveller working on my temporary iPad some weeks ago, and since it worked first time, and worked every time, the ‘support’ announcement had me scratching my head too. Glad its getting official support.

    And can I say that life doesnt get much better than slouching on the sofa, and having traveller deliver mail to the iPad. Its such an easy to use interface.

    —* Bill

  2. I would add a tub of Ben & Jerry’s to that equation and then it would be difficult to get much better.

    One thing I really love about Traveler on the iPad is the address lookup… we have about 7 million people in IBM yet it’s lightening-fast to get an recipient address.

  3. Hi Darren, I too have Lotus Traveler running on my iPad and find it great for dealing with mail. A nice big screen to read from and as you said, the address lookup is great.

    Only issue I have (and now that it’s supported I might find out how to do it) is how to remove my Traveler account?? I want to remove it so that I can re-add it and document the step by step process for our Knowledge Base (we don’t have a spare device sadly). However, the remote wipe isn’t available from the server and the account on my iPad doesn’t have a delete option…

    I’ll keep looking and see what I can find out.

    Paul Dotter

  4. Had great fun with Traveler on iPad but then my company rolled out Blackberry and now I have no Traveler service on the iPad, arrrrggghhh!!

    When are IBM going to create an iPad app for direct mail rather then the traveler option?

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