What became of dadams.co.uk?

You may have noticed – or more likely you haven’t noticed – that the blogging on dadams.co.uk has almost completely dried up. Six years ago I was blogging two or three times a month, but since joining Microsoft the rate has dropped off to once a year. There are personal reasons for this – I take the opportunity to go out running on dry evenings and also try to grab thirty minutes to an hour of guitar practice per evening.

From a work point-of-view, things are now very different. Back in the Lotus days I mainly blogged about the Lotus product set. I don’t want to give anyone the impression that I’m less enthusiastic about Microsoft products, but my job and my relationship with the products are very different. We’re also in a world where a lot of features are delivered on a more rapid basis, and I don’t get line-of-sight of them like I used to.

dadams.co.uk has been in action for nearly twenty years, and has been based on WordPress for eleven of those. I’ve reached a point where it’s more fun to play around with the theme and design than it is to write content. There was never a mission statement, and right now the site certainly doesn’t have a raison d’être.

I’m not closing down the site, but I’m planning a big change in design and a re-focus. I just don’t know when I’ll get around to it.


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