Lotusphere Comes To You (UK) guest speakers

An update on the guest speakers… not William Shatner, not Leonard Nimoy, and certainly not Harry Hill (I admit defeat). In Edinburgh we have Baroness Eliza Manningham-Buller DCB, who is described as the former ‘real-life M’. Or for those of you less familiar with the 007 franchise, James Bond’s boss (if he existed). Given the events she handled during her career, this should be a fascinating talk.

For London I’m very excited by the prospect of hearing from Professor Brian Cox – unfortunately I missed his closing session at Lotusphere as I was on the way to the airport. I’ve been a fan of Professor Cox’s television work – his Horizon program on nuclear fission was riveting, and I’m loving his new series ‘Wonders of the Solar System’. I do wonder how he managed to convince the BBC to send him around the world to many exotic locations in the cause of talking about our solar system, but I guess that when you’re extremely clever you can do that. Did he really need to go to Alaska just to collect a bag of methane? I know of sources slightly closer to home.

Whether you’re North or South of the border, you can register here.

One more thing – I said that I wasn’t speaking at this year’s UK events (that may change, it’s always a possibility) but I will have another role to play. More on that soon, and if you’re attending LCTY in London maybe you can be involved too…

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