The world has gone iPhone-crazy… maybe deservedly so, they are lovely devices with a gorgeous user interface. Personally I don’t agree with the ‘one device to do everything’ mantra – you could spend hours watching movies and listening to music and then you want to make an important call… oh, your battery is dead. For me it’s a phone (a BlackBerry 8800) for business and the Archos 605 for entertainment.

RIM’s big value proposition for the BlackBerry is that it’s a mature solution for the corporate market. With the best will in the world you can’t say that about the iPhone yet. The BlackBerry offers robust security and the right tools to build business applications. It’s mature, tried and tested. Determined not to be dealt a blow by the iPhone’s “I don’t care I want one” pulling-power, RIM have announced the 9500 (also known as the Storm). Again, a poorly-kept secret, but who cares. I want one. Not in the same way that I have an Archos 605, want a new Archos 5 but not so much that I’ll go and get one… I really want a 9500. I will proudly whip it out in front of any customer and show Lotus solutions, but also how lovely RIM’s new device is.