The iTunes Store has just sent me a very nice e-mail telling me that I can pre-order Dido’s new album ‘Safe Trip Home’. It says “Because you’ve downloaded music by Dido from iTunes in the past”. What? I bloody well haven’t. That’s tantamount to slander. It’s almost the same as saying I drive a Fiat Punto, wear high heels and worry about water retention once a month.

Funny that it’s called ‘Safe Trip Home’. Listening to Dido while driving would be anything but a safe trip home, as falling asleep at the wheel is incredibly dangerous. Here’s a money-saving tip… rather than buying an entire Dido album, just buy one track and play it twelve times. The effect is exactly the same.

Why would you want to pre-order something off iTunes? It’s not like they’re going to run out of files to download on the day it’s released.