New jam-jar

And about time too, the old one had got quite dirty. Having had a BMW 3 series four times in a row (the navy one, the black one, the sort-of-bluey one, the grey diesel Coupe) I thought it was time for a change… time to go for something radically different. So today I took delivery of a BMW 5 series.

The 5 seriesAs I was at the IBM office at North Harbour today, the car’s maiden voyage was back up the M3. And being a nice warm Spring day, the front is now plastered with assorted dead insects who weren’t watching where they were going.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not particularly interested in cars, so the thing I was most excited about was the built-in iPod connectivity, allowing you to play your iPod through the car’s system and navigate your music via the built-in display. Ports got his new jam-jar a couple of months ago and has blogged on this nifty capability.

As for the rest of the car… hmmm, very nice. Inflatable tyres, see-through windows, go-faster foot pedal, the usual. To be honest it’s wasted on me. Note the choice of wheels – much easier to clean.


  1. And very nice it looked when I saw Darren polishing it with his hankie in NHBR. Shame it got dirty on the way home ………….

    Reminds me when I got a stone chip in my windscreen about 15 hours after the MCC arrived 🙁

  2. Car looks nice….although you are becoming a bit predictable with the BMW’s. Never mind the iPod integration and all that…. did you get the Bridgestone run flat tyres?

    I saw a demo of them on TV a few months back against regular tyres and the difference in the control of the car at 50mph was amazing. You can drive them for 50 miles at 50mph. Good safety feature I would say.

  3. Yes, they are run flat tyres, whether they’re Bridgestone I don’t know. It’s pouring with rain so I’m not planning to have a look this morning.

    Dave, with that thick layer of yellow pollen and the amount of dead flies accumulated in three days of travelling on the M3 it’ll take more than a wipe with a hankie. It’s a job for the pressure washer.

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