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First the bad news… Adam Gartenberg, formerly the Offering Manager for IBM Lotus Sametime, has moved on to a new role in IBM’s Data Management business. Bad news for you because Adam was a very active blogger and kept everyone up-to-date with Sametime info. Bad news for me because he was always very responsive to crucial Sametime questions. Adam, thanks for all you did for Sametime. In 2007, more that a third of new Sametime customers were Microsoft Exchange customers (which must say something about Sametime, that they picked the Lotus solution over the more obvious choice provided by Microsoft). I reckon that Adam can take a slice of the credit there.

Sametime 8 logoAnd now the good news – other members of the Sametime team are contributing to the Sametime blog. I note that it’s taken a whole army of bloggers to attempt to match Adam’s output, but I’m sure they’ll do fine. A notable addition to the team last year was Rob Ingram, formerly the Domino Product Manager and the engine behind the Domino blog. So the Sametime blog is in good hands, and if you’re that way inclined and understand the alphabet soup I’d suggest adding it to your RSS feed reader right now.


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