The Brit Awards 2008

A quick synopsis. First of all, two well-deserved awards for the Foo Fighters (best international group and album) – anyone else winning those would have been a travesty in my humble opinion.

Best live band – Take That? Well, their New Year’s Even gig shown on t.v. was actually quite good, but you could imagine Muse feeling a bit hard done by. Mark Ronson won the best male artist – despite the fact that I thought his set at the Electric Proms was excellent, you have to consider that this is an award won by a man who has essentially produced an album of covers. What does that say about the range of options?

Amy Winehouse stayed sober and upright long enough to sing twice, but during her second performance she jigged and squirmed and clutched at her dress like someone needing the toilet. Or perhaps in need of something else.

Now here comes my gripe. What do people see in the Arctic Monkeys? I just don’t get it. Best album and best group. Huh? I’m in my, errr, early forties, perhaps I’m not supposed to get it. Mind you, I like the Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins, Incubus, Muse, The Flaming Lips, Manic Street Preachers, Supergrass – my point is I’m not a Val Doonican fan in a rocking chair (yet). I just don’t get what people see in the Arctic Monkeys.

And finally, an outstanding contribution to music award for Sir Paul. About time too. Other than that the whole thing was rather forgettable.


  1. Sorry for the stupid question, but who was the host this year?

    Last year it was that muppet, Russell Brand. Should I bother watching on BBC America later this month?

    Or was it that forgettable?

  2. Hosted by The Osbournes (badly, but not badly enough to be good tv)
    Whole show was very meh and showed up how bad so many of these acts are at singing live. As to the Arctic Monkeys, you need to see them live and see the tribal thing going on to get them. Plus the lyrics are quality, the guy is an urban poet. See also The Wombats, brilliantly catchy pop tunes with guitars that make you smile (hmm, isn’t that the point of pop music?)

  3. I will agree about the Arctic Monkeys’ lyrics, they have something there. I think my problem is I can’t connect with the Yorkshire accent being sung. But I don’t have the same problem with Biffy Clyro, maybe because I’m half-Scottish. Maybe I am too old…

    The Osbournes were okay. Ozzy looked like he didn’t have a clue what was going on. Usually when people get that confused and demented they get stuck in a home, but I’m sure Sharon will look after him.

    They should get Harry Hill to host it next year.

  4. What I mean is that Alex Turner sings with a Yorkshire dialect and … I dunno, I can’t explain it, it’s just not my cup of tea. It’s also the fact that I can’t understand the amount of praise heaped on them.

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