Let’s get political

I have been given permission by the incredibly handsome and well-educated owner of this blog to request the assistance of the numerous visitors who frequent this excellent site. [Darren’s note – I didn’t add that, honestly]

I am Steve, brother of the aforementioned handsome chap and I live in Florida with my family. We are dc-small.jpgdc-small.jpghere on an E2 Treaty Investor Visa, which means that we get to invest a large sum of money in a US business, employ US citizens, pay our fair share in taxes, but get not a lot in return in terms of being able to stay here indefinitely.

capitol.jpgI would like to direct your attention to a web site that Darren has helped me set up to try and address some of the issues involved with being in the US on this type of visa.

The web site is E2Reform.org. Please take a look. It might appear somewhat familiar to you.

A bill was introduced into congress last year which would have gone some way into improving our situation, but as it is an election year, most politicians will not go anywhere near it as it deals with immigration. It might as well say “make 12 million Mexicans citizens” for all the support it has received.

On the site, you will also find an on-line petition, where you can add your support to help the thousands of other E2 Visa holders in the same predicament.

Or you could visit it directly from here… http://petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?E2Reform

I will close with a threat. When our children reach the age of 21, they are no longer covered by the parental visa and would be forced by the US Government to return back to England. That means that a number of their parents who may have spent many years in the Florida sunshine will be returning to the UK with them. The skin on some of us is so tanned and dried out that we look rather like alligator skin handbags… you wouldn’t want that would you?

Thanks in advance for any support you are prepared to give.


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