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E-mail client market share

I saw this on Volker Weber’s blog today and recalled a similar study last year which sparked a bit of a debate. Overall, I don’t get the point of surveys like this. The method of surveying is fundamentally …


Adding a favourite Notes feature to Outlook

Moving from IBM Lotus to Microsoft last year, one of things I thought I might find troublesome after 19½ years was leaving dear old Lotus Notes behind and adopting Outlook. I needn’t have worried, as I took to Outlook like …


The most popular e-mail client

During the past week a colleague sent me a link to Campaign Monitor’s statistics on e-mail client popularity. A first glance shows Outlook to be the most popular, Lotus Notes to be absolutely nowhere, and iOS devices to be …

Scrapple to the rescue

Scrapple is a neat side-bar plug-in for Lotus Notes, a place where you can keep little fragments (scraps) of information that you use time and time again. It’s very simple to use… to save a scrap of info, you simply …


Lotus Knows where you’re likely to get mugged

For an overview of live text please go here. And for an old look at live text and widgets, travel back in time to early 2008.

The most common use of live text recognising a post code …


Connections 3.0 Files plug-in for Notes

Here’s something that’s been in the works for a while internally and has now seen the light of day. I’m a big advocate of IBM Lotus Connections Files for sharing content. I like to see the look on peoples’ faces …


2011 – the year that e-mail dies?

I doubt it. But an interesting article from the London Evening Standard kicks off this idea.

Before we know it, email will seem as quaint as the fax machine and dial-up accounts.

The article starts with the thoughts of Jack …


Weather report in your calendar

Lotus Notes 8.5 introduced the ability to overlay other calendars onto your own. The ‘other calendars’ can come from a variety of sources:

  • Other users’ Notes calendars
  • Notes TeamRoom calendars
  • Notes application calendars (e.g. an application for managing events or

Lotus Notes is cool

I’m not deleting this and I’m keeping it for posterity, but has now been decommissioned. However rose from the ashes, and actually looks a bit like my original.

By now I’m one of the last people to blog …


Cool Notes icons

Previously, in an update on Notes 8.5.2, I mentioned that a Notes application can now boast a full colour icon (i.e. not restricted to sixteen colours). While this does nothing for your productivity, it is an important addition to …


Using groups with live text in Lotus Notes

We’ve covered Notes’ live text feature before in the hallowed pages of, but this time we’ll dig a bit deeper and show a real-world example. Let me first thank Mikkel Flindt Heisterberg, as his post helped me clarify some …


Lotus Notes love-fest

I love Lotus Notes. And I wish it had been me who had set up, but it wasn’t. So far the comments have been pretty much what I’d expect – the perception is that the hate-filled rants on …

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