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Outlook 2016 modern attachments

Following on from the general blog post about Office 2016, this is the first of a few* which will focus on some specific features.

* Actual number to be decided.

We’re going to peak early, because the first …

Outlook 0

What’s new in Outlook 2013

Having said that I’ll cover off the new features in Outlook 2013, I realised that I’d already written about some of them (available via this blog’s Outlook tag). Nevertheless, here’s a quick run-through of some of the …

Outlook 11

Helpful apps in Outlook 2013

I’m pleased to be able to blog on this subject – the Outlook (indeed, Office) 2013 apps were something that showed up in presentations from fairly early iterations, but now I’ve actually experienced them. If you’re wondering who …

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Why I hate calendar reminders

Disclaimer: if calendar reminders work for you and you find them useful, that’s great… I’m happy for you. Each to their own. My personal opinion is that they’re a pointless, annoying distraction. This has nothing to do with …

The weather outlook 6

Weather forecast in Outlook 2013

Just a quick post to cover off a nice feature in Outlook 2013. Above the calendar you can view a weather forecast for up to five locations – your choice, and they can be selected from a drop-down …


Adding a favourite Notes feature to Outlook

Moving from IBM Lotus to Microsoft last year, one of things I thought I might find troublesome after 19½ years was leaving dear old Lotus Notes behind and adopting Outlook. I needn’t have worried, as I took to …