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Retro typewriter

What became of

You may have noticed – or more likely you haven’t noticed – that the blogging on has almost completely dried up. Six years ago I was blogging two or three times a month, but since joining Microsoft the rate …


Reasons to live in Swindon

Ah, Swindon, that jewel of middle England. Home-town of the great British band XTC, the Great Western Railway and, errr, hmmm… a cheap designer outlet centre.

Swindon doesn’t need to be put on the map, because there it is, next …


The world’s tallest building

All of this talk about tall buildings (see earlier ‘Chicago’ post) reminded me of a piece I wrote on the old site in response to Lauren’s question “what’s the tallest building in the world?”. Being quite an interesting topic …


Marvellous Murray

I’m not entering into this blog post lightly. I had to create a whole new category (Tennis) and it’s not one I’m likely to use that often. As we Brits had to sit out Euro 2008 (well done Spain by …