The BBC Breakfast ‘local’ news

Actually there’s two things that annoy me about the BBC news in the morning. One is that weather presenter woman (Carol, I think) who says “guuud morneeeng” and then smiles inanely while she delivers a forecast that we’d be able to look back on a day later and say “well, she got that wrong again”.

But mainly it’s about the way the local news is announced. Every morning they say “but now the news, traffic and weather where YOU are”… and then the ‘local’ presenter appears and talks about what’s going in Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, somewhere in West Sussex, Oxford, and various other places that are not where I am. Rather than saying “where you are” they should say “in your local region”. Where I am is subjective… on a macro level I’m on planet Earth so I could watch the World News on CNN and that would be the news where I am.

And really, what’s the point of telling me about the news in Portsmouth? That’s over 60 miles away. I have no more interest about the news in Portsmouth than I have about the news in Norwich or Stoke-on-Trent.

Update – in December 2014 myself and the family visited Bruges (that’s in Belgium). The television in our room had BBC1 and ITV1 available (freeloaders) – while watching the BBC breakfast news they did the usual “now the news, traffic and weather where YOU are”, and then delivered the local news for London. So it wasn’t where I was, and it wasn’t even in the right country.

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