Mehdoh 2 (Twitter client for Windows Phone)

A couple of months ago I posted a summary of Twitter clients for Windows Phone but didn’t include Mehdoh as I was under the impression that development on the client had ceased (based on info from a web site dedicated to Windows Phone). Mehdoh developer Chris Field contacted me and corrected me – development of Mehdoh wasn’t stopping… far from it as version 2 was near to release. To balance things up and include Mehdoh in the list of Twitter clients, here’s a quick overview.

As always, click on the images to see the larger screenshots.

By default Mehdoh opens at the timeline, but you have the ability to configure this – the ‘customise the home screen option’ allows you to re-order the default three columns (timeline, mentions and messages) and add lists, retweets, photos from your timeline and new followers. I would say that this probably makes Mehdoh the most customisable and the easiest to customise. The navigation of the content is extremely smooth, using the panorama approach to cycle through the lists, and a counter at the top shows the number of new tweets. There’s a choice of font sizes allowing you to swap between an eye-test with lots of tweets on one screen right up to something to suit the long-sighted.

Clicking on a tweet opens it on a new screen and provides access to the usual actions (reply, retweet, etc) but you can also get these actions in a menu by pressing and holding the tweet. Profiles are stuffed with info about the tweeter, including the average tweets per day (I’m on 3.79 a day since I joined in January 2009).

Mehdoh has a plethora of settings, most notably a wide range of choices for the image upload service, support for Aviary image editing, the ability to run the background task and tweet streaming only when connected via wi-fi (nice), ‘save for later’ options (Instapaper and Pocket), and a number of live tile options. The live tile support is varied, but not quite as good as that of gleek!.

Support for trends is excellent, and you can pin the trends to the start screen for instant access. You can also pin users to the start screen, providing instant access to their tweets.

gleek! is still my #1 choice for Twitter on Windows Phone (based on the better live tiles and the colour-coding), but Mehdoh is competing with Carbon for the #2 spot.

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