Every couple of years I like to freshen up the hallowed pages of dadams.co.uk, and looking back it seems that it was just over two years ago that the ModXBlog theme was applied. It has served the blog well, but was created in pre-WordPress 3 days. The new look ‘n’ feel, based on the Putte theme (and then subjected to some of my own customisation and tinkering), is optimised for WordPress 3.x and offers more possibilities for customisation. There’s still some tinkering going on, some smoothing of the rough edges, but it’s pretty much done.

Content-wise I need to refresh the Wallpaper page – make the image sizes more relevant to today’s range of resolutions and add a new range of wallpapers.

Comments on the new look are welcome, unless you’re trying to sell Ugg Boots or Viagra (but the spam filter should keep the unwanted low-life away).


  1. I commend your clean interface choice: easy on the eye and functional, too.

    Now I’m looking forward to some insightful thoughts on collaboration, UC and social software (rather than football). I used to read regularly for this sort of analysis and I’m beginning to miss the old Darren Adams who could spin an analogy such as: “I’m just a bit concerned that Lotus = Manchester United in this equation. Microsoft are more like Man Utd… popular for no good reason and loads of money to throw around.” http://codestore.net/store.nsf/unid/BLOG-20100713-0453

    1. Alas you can’t erase your past on the internet (unless you own the site).

      There will be content about SharePoint, Lync, Office and Exchange ’15’ soon but at the moment we’re in lock-down. Back in the Lotus days I knew where to aim my blog posts – in my new role I haven’t yet reached another audience who are more interested in the Microsoft side of things. One thing I won’t do is take pot-shots at what was Lotus (IBM Collaboration Solutions).

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