Movie studio visit

This is going to be a rubbish blog post, because on the way into the studio I had to sign a confidentiality agreement. I’d already left the camera at home having been told it would be confiscated, but I had planned a little report about a visit to the set of a major movie which is currently being filmed. However, part of the agreement was not to divulge any details via Twitter, Facebook or blogging. I wouldn’t want to incur the wrath of a film company but I also wouldn’t want to betray the trust of a close friend who arranged it.

So, what can I tell you? Not much, but it was an awesome day out. We saw movie sets, and walked in some of them. We saw existing props, some new ones in production and even held some famous items. We saw artwork and models. But best of all we saw some of the stars including ‘the big three’ and some other major names… the shooting schedule meant we struck lucky as it coincided with a scene including so many of the major characters. It’s incredible what goes on behind the scenes and on set, and the level of detail was unbelievable. It was pointed out that a small item may appear 10 foot high on a large cinema screen, so they can’t scrimp on the detail.

All I can say in summary is that we had a ‘wizard’ day, and I’m very grateful to our hosts and the many people who have us a tour of their departments.


  1. @1 – I did see a few props related to a high-flying sport but I can say no more.

    @2 – Mr P was the one star to talk to me, he said “alright mate” as I walked past him as he was hurrying off-set.

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