Since we moved to Adams Tower here in the wilds of Camberley three years ago, foxes have been a familiar sight (especially since our dear old spaniel Molly passed away). This year I’ve seen a pair together only once, but have seen more individual visitors at the front of the house… which isn’t surprising since that’s where I sometimes leave food out for them. I’ve twice seen a badger although they scuttle away very quickly as soon as the security light comes on. Foxes however are more bold, and we sometimes spend a few moments looking at each other before they grab the food and move to a safe distance.

Cute foxA few weeks ago a mother walked across the raised flower bed outside our lounge, followed by a young one… not exactly a cub but probably not a year old. I’m fairly sure it’s the same one who came into the back garden today and grabbed a quick snooze during a five minute break in the rain.

Young foxy grabbed forty winks while I grabbed my new camera (Panasonic TZ65), he (or she) yawned, decided against a drink from the birdbath (it hadn’t had fresh water for a couple of weeks) and casually walked away. Half an hour later the youngster reappeared and sat for five minutes on the veranda of Lauren’s summer house, and then disappeared again.

Click on the picture for a bigger snapshot, and I may post a couple of photos of young ginger on the Wallpaper page.