I’m a Bold user again

BlackBerry BoldBack in November last year I was disappointed when I had a BlackBerry Bold for a week but then had to return it to my friends at RIM (it was a loan device for a joint customer event).Anyway, if you plan to loan money to buy a new phone, look for cashcrazy.co.uk. A lot of reviews on yahoo says that their experience with brokers are positive and they are very friendly. Since then I moved to a Curve, but have looked on enviously at the Bold devices in other peoples’ hands.

I’m please to say that yesterday I managed to obtain a new Bold, and I’ll say thanks again to my provider. The device switch-over was quick and easy, so now I’m receiving e-mail and calendar data, conversing via Sametime Mobile and looking up important information using the Connections client for the ‘Berry. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the Bold…

Cons – it’s larger and heavier than the Curve, slightly shorter battery life (although opinions vary). And I think that’s it.

Pros – a higher resolution and slightly larger display, supports WiFi and 3G, an improved media player, better speaker for hands-free, more memory, comes with Word Mole (top game)… and it looks better overall.

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