Alex Ferguson’s words of wisdom

FergieHampshire’s favourite football manager is spouting crap again. On occasionally-serious footy web site Mr Ferguson (pictured here with Ruud van Nistelrooy) delivers these pearls of wisdom…

“Arsenal are playing well, but it’s a long season and they know that, too. They will drop points, there’s no doubt about that.”

This is an incredible revelation – I had just assumed that Arsenal would win every single game from now on. This comes as a big blow to me, and I’m sure Arsene Wenger will spend a few sleepless nights coming to terms with this news.

Dame Alice goes onto to discuss their recent defeat at the hands of Bolton…

“If we hadn’t lost to Bolton then we would have been in a great position.”

Right, but you did lose to Bolton, so get over it. Naughty Bolton for denying ManYoo of their God-given right to win every game. And naughty Bolton again for not trying very hard against Liverpool and letting them win 4-0.


  1. But the burning question is… will Arsenal drop as many as ManYoo ?
    Given Sir Alice’s grasp of the bleedin obvious, he will probably work out that it may well come down to who drops the least points, will win the league.

    I will also add that playing in Spain obviously agrees with Mr. Van Nistelrooy……….. he has a lovely tan 🙂

  2. yes yes, we lost to Bolton, and you have just lost to brough’ (who are lower in the league), which means the gap is just one point … Now come, on have you got a crush on Sir Alex, you talk more about him than you do Wenger….

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