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Windows Phone 8.1 0

Windows Phone 8.1

This latest update to Windows Phone is not generally available yet, so most users will need to wait until their networks push out the update. If you’re interested in grabbing it now, you can do so via the …

Super Calendar 0

Super Calendar for Windows Phone

Ever since the days of the Palm devices, developers have been coming up with better versions of the applications (‘apps’, as we call them these days) which are native to the devices. Many moons ago I remember acquiring …

Instagram apps 10

Instagram apps for Windows Phone

Apps are an important consideration when choosing a phone. I’ve had a number of discussions about ‘missing apps’ for Windows Phone, and in the past one of them was Instagram. True to say that there’s still no official …

Bing apps 1

Bing apps for Windows Phone

News-centric apps are great at showing the capabilities of Windows Phone’s live tiles, so I was glad to see Microsoft release four new Bing apps last week… Bing News, Bing Sport, Bing Weather and Bing Finance. They’re a …

Calendar apps for Windows Phone 0

Calendar apps for Windows Phone

One of the best features of Windows Phone is the live tiles which allow you to see updated info (such as news, weather, social updates) without actually opening the app. Certain apps also push info onto the lock …

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Lumia 920 photos

Following on from the brief review of the Lumia 920, here’s a quick couple of photos. Click on the small images to see the larger versions.

The first photo was taken in the kitchen with no light other …

Windows Phone 8 2

Nokia Lumia 920

Yesterday was quite an eventful day. A while ago Microsoft employees were promised three things… a Surface device, a Windows Phone 8 device, and a new Windows 8-certified laptop.

It came to pass that two of these were …


Windows Phone 8 start screen

Windows Phone 8 was announced today at the Windows Phone Summit. A huge amount of new capabilities are being added to the platform (to be discussed another time), but there’ll be visible enhancements right on the start screen… …