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Cowlick! for Windows Phone

A few months ago I provided an overview of some of the Twitter clients available for Windows Phone. At the time, I said that my favourite was gleek! – its live tile and colour-coding, along with its full compliment of …

Embedding a Twitter timeline in your web site

This is rather cool – Twitter have announced a new and easy way of embedding your Twitter timeline into a web page. If you’re the owner of a WordPress blog (like this one) you’re spoilt for choice for Twitter …

Mehdoh 2 (Twitter client for Windows Phone)

A couple of months ago I posted a summary of Twitter clients for Windows Phone but didn’t include Mehdoh as I was under the impression that development on the client had ceased (based on info from a web site dedicated …

Twitter clients for Windows 8 (Metro interface)

The Metro interface of Windows 8 lends itself very well to Twitter clients, and so far there’s three (or four, depending on how you look at it) available in the Store. Here’s a quick look at them, plus screenshots. All …

New in WordPress 3.4

As you all know (because it says so in the footer way down there at the bottom of the page) runs on the popular blogging platform WordPress. This is a good choice because it’s free, it has a huge …

Twitter clients for Windows Phone

If you're more than a casual user of Twitter, or use features such as lists, filters and trends, then you may want a dedicated Twitter client for your Windows Phone. Here's a brief look at some of those available

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