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Lumia 920 photos

Following on from the brief review of the Lumia 920, here’s a quick couple of photos. Click on the small images to see the larger versions.

The first photo was taken in the kitchen with no light other …

Nokia Lumia 920

Yesterday was quite an eventful day. A while ago Microsoft employees were promised three things… a Surface device, a Windows Phone 8 device, and a new Windows 8-certified laptop.

It came to pass that two of these were …

Nokia Lumia 800

Continuing with the Windows Phone theme… earlier this year Nokia announced their intention to embrace Microsoft’s new mobile OS. A few months ago, an internal Microsoft event previewed Nokia’s first phones and their ambitious marketing plans. Since then …

Nokia Lumia 800 – the amazing demo

I think I mentioned Windows Phone recently, but as yet I haven’t mentioned Nokia’s first offerings for the platform. The Lumia 800 is one of two phones released so far (more are coming) and has been getting rave

Lotus Notes Traveler on the Nokia E72

The fact that IBM Lotus Notes Traveler (to give it it’s full name) is available on a wide variety of devices is old news. Traveler is now supported on the Apple iPhone, even though I don’t think that …

Why Traveler on Symbian is important

I should give it its proper branded name… IBM Lotus Notes Traveler. There you go, that keeps the brand police happy. As you know, IBM Lotus are the software brand that gives you choice. You can use …

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