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Nokia Lumia 800 – the amazing demo

I think I mentioned Windows Phone recently, but as yet I haven’t mentioned Nokia’s first offerings for the platform. The Lumia 800 is one of two phones released so far (more are coming) and has been getting rave reviews. I have held one on two occasions, and twice considered making a run for it with the gorgeous device in my thieving paws. At the weekend I noted that some of the many mobile phone shops in Camberley had fully-working demo units on display (not those non-functional dummy units), so if you’re interested in seeing the Lumia 800 in the flesh there are opportunities to do so.

However, if you can’t be bothered to haul your back-side from the chair that it’s currently positioned on, here’s another option. Nokia have set up a Facebook page, The Amazing Demo, which allows you to experience the user interface and some of the functionality. The best of the demos is the people hub, and it does a good job of showing the different aspects of interacting with a contact via Facebook, e-mail, SMS and the phone (although it omits Twitter).

Please note that the performance of the simulator does not represent the performance of the Windows Phone platform itself.

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Darren Adams • 21 November 2011

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