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Lync for iOS

Following on from last year’s look at Microsoft Lync for Windows Phone, let’s have a look at Lync for iOS. Lync supports the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, but as I only have an iPod I’ll have to …


Tablet dilemma

I was going to name this post “keep taking the tablets” or something witty like that, but then I realised it would be an extraordinarily bad pun and not very funny.

Anyway, here’s the problem… I’m a contented …


I love the iPod nano

While a large percentage of the world has been staging a love-in with the iPad, I’ve been falling in love with another of Apple’s devices. A couple of weeks ago I received an iPod nano as a gift, …


It’s just a big iPod touch

The Apple iPad… it’ll never catch on. But we (i.e. the IBM Lotus team in the UK) decided to see what all the fuss is about – and kudos to my manager Sian, she set out to acquire …


WordPress for the iPhone and iPod touch

Normally I’d be writing blog posts on my iMac or ThinkPad upstairs, but as WordPress for the iPhone / iPod touch is now available I can now write blog posts and (if necessary) approve and reject comments from …