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Quickr or Connections?

Something we’re often asked… when would you use [IBM Lotus] Quickr and when would you use Connections? My frolleague Louis Richardson, who just so happens to be our Worldwide Sales Executive for Social Software, has provided some thoughts …

IBM Lotus Quickr 8.5 for Domino

It’s been quite a Summer for new releases… hot on the heels of Notes / Domino 8.5.2 and Sametime 8.5.1 comes this update to Quickr for Domino. Yesterday we announced that Quickr 8.5 would be available on 13th …

Lotus Notes Traveler on the iPad

It’s a busy week for announcements in Lotus-land, but that tends to happen around the time of DNUG (which is this week, so there you go). Already this week Stuart McIntyre blogged about the new version of Lotus

I hate you for e-mailing me

I was perusing PlanetLotus today and an interesting blog post from Vaughan Rivett caught my eye – what’s the worst email in-box that you have ever seen? Vaughan tells the tale of a user with a mail box …

See you at Collaboration University

Collaboration University – the education event for customers and Business Partners on the subjects of IBM Lotus Connections, Quickr and Sametime – takes place on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of September 2009 at IBM South Bank (London). …

Mike Smith’s busy week

It seems that my good friend and Domino / Blackberry expert Mike Smith (of The Turtle Partnership) has lined himself up with a busy week in September. For the first three day of the week commencing 15th …

Thinking beyond e-mail

Over the past couple of years there have been a number of what I call ‘eureka moments’… that moment when the usually-invisible light bulb above your head switches on and you either “get it” or something resonates. One …

A trip to South Africa

What a week… I arrived at Cape Town on Tuesday morning, in the nick of time to present at the launch event for our three new offerings (Notes 8, Connections and Quickr). That evening I flew to Johannesburg …

Say it after me… Quickr

Lotus Quickr, the collaboration solution for serious grown-up business people, is now shipping. But we need to get a couple of things straight.

Firstly, it’s Quickr with a small ‘r’. Quickr, and not QuickR. Check out the Quickr

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