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Asus Nexus 7

Here’s something that may surprise you. I’m not the guy who has everything, but I don’t really want for much (other than some spare time and a worry-free life). So the current Mrs Adams always faces a problem at Christmas. …

Forbes: Avoiding IT Consumerization Pitfalls

Forbes’ article starts with the strap line “I want my iPad” and relates to something I’ve experienced first-hand. When the iPhone 3 was released I noted a marked increase in the number of IBM colleagues coming to me and asking …

Lotus Notes Traveler meets Android

Slightly old news as Ed Brill has already blogged it, and Traveler Product Manager Jan Kenney has also provided a detailed write-up. So what more value can I add?

Late this morning a member of the IBM UK …

Tablet dilemma

I was going to name this post “keep taking the tablets” or something witty like that, but then I realised it would be an extraordinarily bad pun and not very funny.

Anyway, here’s the problem… I’m a contented soul who …

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