Lotus Notes Traveler meets Android

Slightly old news as Ed Brill has already blogged it, and Traveler Product Manager Jan Kenney has also provided a detailed write-up. So what more value can I add?

Late this morning a member of the IBM UK Public Relations team contacted me and asked if I’d be available to speak to journalists about the announcement. Nursing a slightly sore throat wasn’t going to impede me, so the answer was yes. By lunchtime an appointment had been set for 14:30 with Dan Worth of v3.co.uk. Not long after the interview, and after I’d gone back to Dan with a couple of clarification points (thank you to Jan and also Matt Newton), the finished article was published. I think Dan paraphrased one of my thoughts rather well…

Staff often upgrade their phones far more quickly than IT budgets would allow so departments [organisations] are now more willing to let staff have their own devices if they can add an enterprise level of control.


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