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Firefox 4

Upgrading to a major new version of Firefox is carried out with a certain amount of trepidation. After years of using Firefox I have it ‘how I like it’, and that includes my favourite theme Camifox. And …


Firefox 3.5 is available

Over here at dadams.co.uk headquarters we’re big fans of Mozilla Firefox – everyone from the tea-boy, to the feature writers, right up to the editor-in-chief uses the much-loved web browser. And so there was a huge swell of …


Firefox Download Day 2008

The nice people at Mozilla want to set a Guinness World Record for the most software downloads in 24 hours and are using the launch of Firefox 3 in a bid to achieve it. So this coming Tuesday, …


Firefox 3

I’ve been trying out betas of Firefox 3 for a while, but yesterday I noted that Release Candidate 1 was available. That’s near-enough the final version, so it’s now installed and acting as my main browser.

Mozilla tells …