My supermarket of choice at nearby Watchmoor Park has an area which is adorned with the words ‘pick-up point’ in big white letters and has some double-yellow lines for extra clarification. Actually, I’m unsure of the actual painted words because they always have cars parked on top of them. But I do know for sure the words don’t say “park here if you’re lazy”. Yes folks, the pick-up point – which I assume is there to allow people to drive into, pick up a passenger, and carry on – is permanently full of parked cars.

I have observed people getting in and out of the these cars – they don’t appear to be disabled in any way, so I can only assume that they are parking there because they are ignorant, selfish or lazy (or any two of those, or possibly all three). Less than a minute’s walk away are hundreds of empty spaces, but for some reason these people aren’t able to manage that hundred-yard journey and instead render the pick-up point useless, much to the inconvenience of anyone who might want to use it for its actual purpose.

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