As you all know (because it says so in the footer way down there at the bottom of the page) runs on the popular blogging platform WordPress. This is a good choice because it’s free, it has a huge array of available themes and plug-ins developed by some extremely clever people, and best of all WordPress has an amazing feature set.

Version 3.4 was released today (sorry, I just noticed the time… yesterday), and although I could have waited for the inevitable 3.4.1 to sort out any early issues… well, sod that, I just upgraded. Among the new features are a theme customiser (making it quick and easy to customise some of the major elements such as the header, banner, title / link colour and the site tag-line), full live preview of themes, a caption facility for images, and (my favourite new feature) embedded tweets. So, if you take the URL of a tweet and insert it into a blog post you don’t just get a link, you get this…

…and that is pretty damn cool.