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UK Lotus User Group 2008

Just a quick one to say “congratulations and thanks” to everyone who worked so hard to deliver UKLUG 2008. It was unfortunate that I had to flit in and out on the Thursday due to customer meetings, and was completely absent on Friday due to other commitments.

Let’s start with Warren Elsmore, without whom there would be no UKLUG. No-one pays Warren to work so hard on UKLUG, he does it because he believes in the community and the solutions. For that he has the gratitude and respect of a great many people.

Paul Mooney and Bill Buchan – always there to provide back-up, and always helping out with expertise to make the agenda so engaging and valuable.

Mike Smith and Matt White – lots of work prior to and during the conference.

A huge thank you to the sponsors.

And finally thank you to various other contributors – if I miss anyone here it’s unintentional and I apologise… Rob Novak, Kim Novak, Steve Castledine, Carl Tyler, Neil Burston, Gabriella Davis, Bob Balaban and Tim Clark. Oh, and Ed Brill for the keynote and various customer meetings.

…works for Microsoft as a Global Account Technology Strategist. In a former life he worked for the Lotus brand within IBM for many years. Married with one daughter and two dogs, lives in Camberley (Surrey, England), plays the guitar to a mediocre standard, and runs 10 kms and half marathons at an average speed. That’s it really.


Darren Adams • 22 September 2008

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  1. Kitty Elsmore 25 September 2008 - 9:44 am Reply

    I loved Rob & Liz Novak’s registration badges:

    ‘Smoking hot registration chick’ and
    ‘Husband of smoking hot registration chick’!

    Sorry you couldn’t be around on the Friday Darren.

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