There’ll be more stuff on Notes 8.5 soon, but for now here’s a question. Look at the image – what’s the difference between those two e-mails? Is this isn’t much of a competition because I’m going to tell you. They both have the same subject and content, and if you opened the e-mails and read them you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. The only visible difference would be that one was sent later than the other… oh, and one is over 1 megabyte bigger than the other.

Okay, here’s the answer. Both contain an image (it’s a pasted in Powerpoint slide). One was pasted in using Notes 7, resulting in an e-mail of 1.3 mb. The other was pasted in using Notes 8.5, and you can see the dramatic drop in size. And yet there’s no visible difference in the quality of the image.

Notes 8.0.1 introduced new compression capabilities to decrease mail box sizes by around 30% – and now we have this image compression. Add to that the Domino Attachment and Object Service, and Notes / Domino customers have a recipe for massive reductions in storage requirements. That can lead to a decrease in cost of ownership. And remember, this is all being done on a consistent and upgradeable architecture. Are other e-mail vendors offering that? Go on, ask them…