Basil and RoxyI was working at the Camberley office today when I heard an all-too-familiar noise. I looked out the window and saw our most frequent-visiting vixen calling her mate who trotted up to her a few seconds later. The female was last seen sun-bathing beyond the rhododendrons on Sunday, and then she ventured into our garden for a quick drink from the bird-bath. Today the ginger twosome (named Basil and Roxy by Lauren) both had a drink – and then while Roxy sat on the steps waiting patiently, Basil scampered off to annoy next door’s dog (Tommy). I bet the cunning devil knows that Tommy is restricted by an electrical circuit running round the garden. After a few minutes Basil returned, nuzzled his mate, and they disappeared into the bushes.

Lauren has mixed feelings about the foxes as they’re one of the reasons we’re not having a pet rabbit. Personally I love seeing them, but I just wish they’d stay away from the dustbin.