Premier League table, 17th September 2007Way too early. When last we discussed the footy, ManYoo were languishing in the drop zone and Florida Steve was talking about not being able to give Chelski that kind of lead. And now look at the table. After the final whistles blew on Saturday, the top four had an all-to-familiar look (albeit not in the order that many would have predicted). But then Manchester City decided it was time to recapture some of the form that took them to the top in the first couple of weeks, and Chelski were duly pushed down into 5th place.

In our last look at the table, thirteen places and five points separated Arsenal and ManYoo… now it’s just three places and two points. How did that happen? Arsenal won all their games during this period. Ah, but look closely – Arsenal have played one match less and therefore could go five points clear again. True, they have to win that game in hand. Their next match is against Derby, who with one point from five matches were starting to look like a push-over. Ironically, if Newcastle had managed to give Derby a pasting tonight then ManYoo would have been dumped out of the top four. However, spoilsports that they are, Derby somehow managed a 1-0 win. I just hope they won’t spoil my day next Saturday.

And finally, in my previous football-related post I asked “that guy who writes for the Daily Mail who reckons that Spurs will knock Arsenal out of the top four… how are you feeling about that prediction now?” – any further comments on that idea mate, or would you like to conveniently forget it ever went to print?