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Microsoft Office 2016

I’m sure most IT people were aware that Office 2016 shipped last week, but publically it didn’t arrive in much of a blaze of publicity. Certainly there was enough coverage in the computer press and online (well, most …

Apps for Excel 2013 2

Apps for Excel 2013

Office 2013 has the ability to provide in-application apps to users, and Excel is the most bountiful place to find and use these handy additions. Here’s a pick of some of the best.

Random Generator by AbleBits – …

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Power Query for Excel 2013

If you have Office 2013 Professional (or Pro Plus, which is part of certain Office 365 offerings), you’ll be entitled to use a set of business intelligence add-ins for Excel 2013 which I refer to as the Power …

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Making sure the numbers add up

I think it’s safe to assume that Microsoft Excel has now toppled Lotus 1-2-3 as the world’s most-used spreadsheet tool. The great thing about Excel is that it can now do so much more than add up a …

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OneNote 2013

I often say that Visio is one of Microsoft’s best-kept secrets (and I think I’ve said it here on dadams.co.uk) but I also say that OneNote is the unsung hero of Office. People tend to think of Office …

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What’s new in Office 2013

Sometime very soon (not sure of the exact date) Microsoft Office 2013 will be made generally available. Certain customers will have already had access to the code, but by “generally available” I mean everyone and also through Office …