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Scottish ancestors

The print-out of my family tree has been rather lop-sided since I started tracing my roots. I have recorded sixty-six ancestors of my mother, going back seven generations and to the early 1700s (the oldest is my great x6 grandfather …


Alice West discovered

For the full background on this subject please see here.

A couple of months ago I acquired a CD with the Parish records for St Nicholas (Chiswick) from 1855 to 1901. It revealed the details of my main suspect


Genes Reunited – Hot Matches

As part of the quest to track down long-dead relatives… sorry, connect with my past… I have subscribed to a couple of web sites. Genes Reunited was one of them. Now, before I have a pop at Genes Reunited, as …


Family history research without the Internet

For those of you who have been following the roller-coaster ride of my search for my ancestors here on, you’ll know that as yet I haven’t really left my proverbial chair. All the research so far as been done …


Wiltshire roots

My relative Caroline has been incredibly helpful with my quest to discover my ancestors, and the other day she spotted something very obvious that I’d missed. Back in August I solved the mystery of my great x3 grandmother – this …


Who do you think you are?

When the earlier series of ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ were on television I hadn’t yet been bitten by the genealogy bug and so didn’t see any of them (and crikey, according to the web site there’s been five


A family tree mystery solved

Those of you who have been following my family tree exploits here on (so that’s my brother Steve and perhaps one other person) will know that I’ve experienced two major roadblocks. One is my great-grandmother Alice West, where the …


Random quote of the day

Big news just in from the BBC…

“Actress Patsy Kensit has said she was so upset to find her grandfather was a criminal on TV show Who Do You Think You Are? she stopped washing her hair.”

Is it just …


19th century fishmongers

Now there’s a bizarre blog post title, but it’s all to do with my family tree (of course). It’s a strange process – I’ve had success getting back to an ancestor born in 1791 but still no luck with someone …


Searching for Alice West

The family tree project is going well, but there are still a few gaps to be filled in for the mid and late-19th century. I received an incredible amount of detail from a distant cousin from my grandfather’s side of …


Family tree update

A few evenings spent digging through census records have revealed quite a lot. Getting hold of my grandparents’ birth certificates will make some of my findings certain, but I’m 99% sure that I’ve identified one branch of the clan going …



The night before Lotusphere Comes To You 2007 (Manchester edition) I sat next to Diane from our Marketing team at dinner, and was absolutely enthralled by her account of tracing her family tree. She’s gone back as far as the …