Helpful apps in Outlook 2013 – part 2

Back in November last year I posted about helpful apps in Outlook 2013 – apps which analysed the contents of e-mails and then suggested actions or provided information. Last week I was moved onto Office 365 for e-mail – I now have a 25 GB mail box, and some more of those helpful apps have appeared. A couple of them are Microsoft-internal, but are a good example of what can be added.

Outlook apps

Action Items was discussed in the previous post – it looks for things that may be actions and allows you to turn them into a task.

Phone Dialer looks for phone numbers and presents them as a set of numbers that can be clicked on and dialled via Microsoft Lync.

Who’s Who looks at our internal directory and shows details for the people included on the e-mail and their reporting lines.

And finally YouTube… no prizes for guessing what this does, it allows you to play the video in-place inside of Outlook. Click on the image above to see what this looks like.

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