Lumia 920 photos

Kitchen Christmas treeKitchen Christmas treeFollowing on from the brief review of the Lumia 920, here’s a quick couple of photos. Click on the small images to see the larger versions.

The first photo was taken in the kitchen with no light other than the actual tree lights and the ceiling light in the hallway (which really doesn’t illuminate the kitchen at all)… no flash was used and I didn’t touch any settings, it was very much ‘out of the box’. I took a comparison photo with Mrs A’s iPhone (which I haven’t uploaded, and don’t tell her because she doesn’t like me fiddling with her phone) – in the iPhone version the chocolate house and the canvas on the wall were almost impossible to make out, and the only detail picked up was the Christmas tree lights.

Missie in bedPhoto #2 features Missie, worn out after a busy day barking at, well, everything and nothing. This photo was taken at the front door end of the hallway where there’s no ceiling light and quite frankly very little illumination. Again the iPhone version was very dim and dark, but the Lumia 920 picked up the monochrome tones of our savage canine against the pink blankets and duck egg blue bed.

With that, I bid you goodnight, for it is time to try to coax Missie outside for a bed-time pee.

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