Cowlick! for Windows Phone

A few months ago I provided an overview of some of the Twitter clients available for Windows Phone. At the time, I said that my favourite was gleek! – its live tile and colour-coding, along with its full compliment of Twitter features, made it the winner. But that honour is now being threatened. However, the makers of gleek!, Liquid Daffodil, won’t be too concerned, because the new Twitter to show up is the baby brother of gleek! … Cowlick! (the ! is part of the product name).

Click on the images to see the larger versions.

Cowlick! is really a lite version of gleek!, missing some features such as gleeks (random tweets), ringtones, sneek peeps, and who not to follow (such as Lance Armstrong). But the important things remain, and for me this is great because to be honest, I never really used those extra gleek! features. So like gleek!, Cowlick! provides the excellent live tile, the colour coding, and support for lists, trends, multiple accounts, @name lookup, muting users, and font sizes.

Cowlick also retains some of the humorous features of gleek!, such as ‘douche mode’. This feature pins a tile to the phone’s start screen which allows you to navigate to retweets of you.

Cowlick! is £1.29 in the UK Windows Phone marketplace, but as with gleek! you can be a cheapskate and get it for free. Download the trial, then look up the magic hashtag tweeted by @cowlickapp on Twitter. Then go into Cowlick!, select the support option, and double-tap the Cowlick! logo. Then enter the hashtag. Warning: this action will send a tweet on your behalf stating that you’re a cheapskate. Or you can pay £1.29… it’s your decision.

At the moment Cowlick! is white, unlike gleek! which honours the phone’s theme settings. However an update is coming soon and you’ll get the option for a dark theme.

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