Weather forecast in Outlook 2013

Just a quick post to cover off a nice feature in Outlook 2013. Above the calendar you can view a weather forecast for up to five locations – your choice, and they can be selected from a drop-down list. Okay, it’s only as good as the forecast data, and Outlook will use a number of sources to get weather from around the world. The screenshot below was grabbed on Monday afternoon as we were enjoying a spell of weather so typical of British ‘Summer’ 2012 (i.e. it was peeing down).


  1. The weather apps for your phone and tablet are only as good as the service the forecast comes from. If I look at the weather app on my Windows Phone it shows different forecasts for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to the iOS weather app. Which one is right? And they’re both different to the BBC News weather for Camberley. Okay, they’re all within 2°C of each other, and where one says showers the other says persistent rain. So you’re going to get a rough idea. It just amused me that Monday said ‘mostly cloudy’ at a time when it was pissing down outside.

  2. Hey that’s really a great feature. I’m really not aware of this feature; in fact I haven’t heard about Outlook 2013 version. It is really funny , because when we will receive a mail we will be able to check the forecast.

    1. You don’t need to receive an e-mail in order to check the weather, it’s always visible in the bar above the calendar. You can find more info on Outlook 2013 here..

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