Lync for iOS

Following on from last year’s look at Microsoft Lync for Windows Phone, let’s have a look at Lync for iOS. Lync supports the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, but as I only have an iPod I’ll have to leave the iPad interface for another time. As usual, click on the small images to see the full versions

After logging in I see My Info, where I can set my status and message, change the call-forwarding and simultaneous ring options, and change a number of other options for multiple phone numbrs, meetings, contacts and credentials.

The next screen shows Contacts, which as you’d expect are a direct mirror of those set up in the desktop-based Lync client. Clicking on one of the group expands it, allowing me to see the contacts within and their staus (and optionally their photo). Clicking on a contact (not pictured) shows the various methods of interacting with the contact (instant message, phone, e-mail, text message) and the person’s contact details. The search bar at the top allows me to search the entire company directory (and it’s extremely quick).

The next screen shows conversations in progress and the last line of conversation. The Edit button allows me to select conversations to delete. Clicking on one of the conversations opens it, allowing me to continue or select one of the many options (delete it, view the contact’s card, call the contact, invite others, send my location and send the conversation as an e-mail).

Not pictured here, but visible as options in the screenshots… I can view the day’s meetings and, if applicable, attend them from the device, and using the Phone option I can place a call. As the iPod isn’t a phone, my mobile will be called and after answering I’ll be connected to the dialled number.

Lync for iOS is available from the iTunes app store – it’s free, but of course you need to attach to a Lync server and infrastructure. Give me a call and I can sell you one.

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