Task list for Windows Phone

Continuing the recent trend of blog posts about Windows Phone, and because Bill Buchan loves reading about the operating system, here’s a quick update on one of my favourite apps… the aptly named ‘Tasks’. It probably won’t be a surprise for you to discover that it’s a task list app (no, really).

It was already a good app – apart from being free (a big plus-point) the killer feature is being able to pin tasks or task categories to the Windows Phone start screen. With control over tile colours and icons, the app adds real impact to your start screen. I nearly left the office today without picking up an important document from the fleet office, but I was saved by a pinned task.

Inside the app you’ll find a rich and functional interface utilising the Windows Phone’s panorama navigation. Tasks can be applied to projects, thus allowing you to look at groups of tasks associated with something you’re working on. The projects can also be pinned to the start screen and provide a count of the open tasks.

Version 1.3 of Tasks was made available this week, and among the many new features was the big one… synchronisation with Outlook tasks. So, if you use Outlook and a Windows Phone, this app is a must.

Click on the small images to see larger versions.

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