Connections 3.0 Files plug-in for Notes

Here’s something that’s been in the works for a while internally and has now seen the light of day. I’m a big advocate of IBM Lotus Connections Files for sharing content. I like to see the look on peoples’ faces when I say “no, I won’t send that file to you… but I will share it with you”.

Using Connections Files I can control the sharing, I can see how many times the content has been downloaded (my most popular presentation has been downloaded 228 times, proving that I’m no Chris Crummey), who has downloaded it (very useful) and I can see comments and recommendations. The value-add for colleagues is that I’m not hitting their e-mail quotas with big file attachments.

Now some of that functionality has arrived in the Lotus Notes sidebar. Lotus Greenhouse members can download the plug-in which provides easy access to your Connections Files and drag-and-drop integration.

I can drag a file attachment from an e-mail (or Windows Explorer) and post it quickly to my Connections Files. If I want to share a file, there’s a couple of ways of doing that. I can drag it from the panel into a new e-mail… but rather than adding an attachment it adds a nicely-formatted link (see click-able image below). Alternatively I can share a file with people by right-clicking and selecting the ‘Share’ option, and then adding the names of colleagues. It even suggests people you’ve recently shared with.

I can see my own files, files that I’ve shared with other people, and files that have been shared with me. And probably the coolest feature (and very useful), for shared files I can actually see who has downloaded the file (and which version they downloaded).


  1. @Phil – doesn’t look like it, only Connections 2.5 and 3 are mentioned.

    @Stephan – the download is a Windows installer, therefore… I don’t know the plans for this – Product Management and the developers will have a better idea, and there is an internal Connections community dedicated to Quickr and Connections connectors where you’ll find more info.

  2. Isn’t there one already for LotusLive files? Or is the one that’s out there specific for Symphony (it should work on Notes too, I hope).

    @Stephan, Windows only.

  3. Finally found this thread and found out that this plugin does not work with LotusLive. 🙁 Would be nice if IBM had put that in the releasenotes because as far as I’m concerned: LotusLive=Connections. Isn’t it?

    I’ve got activities working with LotusLive, Meetings, SameTime but somehow Files is very difficult. Not from Symphony however because the plugin for Files is working perfectly…

    I hope someone at IBM is working on this because this is really frustrating. A File plugin is already working so it can’t be that difficult!

  4. btw: has any one found the Lotus Connection plugins for Microsoft Office install? I’ve found a reference in the IBM online documentation but the download is nowhere to be found (at lease by me)

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