Sametime and Plantronics integration

A couple of months ago I blogged about Plantronics’ headsets, and it’s no secret that we have a very good relationship with this supplier of extremely high-quality audio equipment. Yes, Plantronics do work with other vendors of Unified Communications solutions (why wouldn’t they?) but it’s good to see that they’re extending the integration with Sametime.

Late last night I got an e-mail from Carl Tyler of Epilio, who are providing Plantronics’ Sametime integration via a plug-in. A previously-supplied plug-in allowed users of supported Plantronics headsets to control calls directly from the headset itself (for example, picking up and ending a call). Carl’s e-mail detailed a beta of a new plug-in which not only provides call-control, but also changes the user’s status if they’re on a VoIP or Sametime Unified Telephony call, or a call using another application, using a supported Plantronics headset… see below.

The messages are configurable, and I can make a distinction between a VoIP and an SUT call, and a call using another application such as Skype. It just tried this, and my Sametime status changed when I was on a Skype call.

No word yet on when the plug-in will move from beta to final, but after a number of SUT calls today it seems to work perfectly.

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