Cool Notes icons

Previously, in an update on Notes 8.5.2, I mentioned that a Notes application can now boast a full colour icon (i.e. not restricted to sixteen colours). While this does nothing for your productivity, it is an important addition to Notes. Why? Well, because for years people have been telling us that look and feel is important. The Notes design team have done an amazing job with the Notes user interface in the past few years, but for database icons… we’ve always been at the mercy of application designers making the best of sixteen colours.

Now you can take an attractive 32 x 32 image and add it to the database resources. There’s plenty of icons to download on the web, but design supremo Mary Beth Raven has reported that some specific icons (matching the Notes colour palettes) have been made available on OpenNTF.

There are twelve icons available, the image here shows three of them in use.


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