A big week for LotusLive

As usual, Ed Brill got his blog post in before me, so I’m not going to repeat Ed’s rather thorough overview of the LotusLive Notes announcements. But if you want a quick overview of the new bullets:

  • $5 per month, 25 gigabyte mailbox
  • Onboarding, data migration and custom mail template services for LotusLive Notes
  • LotusLive Notes access from Apple iPhone and iPad, Windows Mobile and Nokia / Symbian devices
  • BlackBerry support coming soon

We also announced the new LotusLive offering, the Collaboration Suite, starting at $10 per month and offering LotusLive Notes e-mail with web conferencing, social networking, instant messaging and file store / share services

LotusLive Engage and Connections received a face-lift, and got a major new element… communities. If you’re familiar with IBM Lotus Connections 2.5 you’ll know that communities offer places for teams or people with similar interests or skills to gather and share information. Well, same approach here, the new LotusLive-based communities offer file-sharing, bookmarks, activities and discussion forums.

If you want to try out Engage or Connections, head over to the LotusLive site.

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