The cloud collaboration guru

A couple of years ago I recorded a series of videos for GuruOnline. Our contact John has often mentioned that the series has been viewed a considerable number of times (over 19,500), so when the chance to record some more videos came along I needed little persuasion. However, I had forgotten how tortuous the process of filming is… well, for me anyway. I can stand up and give a presentation without a moment’s thought. I can sit across the table from a customer and talk until the Sun expands and swallows the Earth. But stick me between a green-screen and a camera, and gremlins will enter my head.

After a slow start, a large number of profanities and enough out-takes for the GuruOnline team to release an 18-rated DVD box set in time for Christmas, we managed to get thirteen videos in the can. This time around the subject was ‘collaborating in the cloud’… no product names mentioned, but you can read between the lines.

My frolleague Steve Heeney also recorded a set of videos on the same day, rattling off nineteen in just over an hour (impressive). So Steve probably has a better chance of a career in t.v. than I do.

And a bit of trivia to end with… I took four ties with me, changed my mind twice minutes before the camera rolled, and I’m happy with my eventual choice.

You can view the videos, and my tie, here.

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